Saturday, 13 April 2013

Track Review: Mala - Changes (Harmonimix Remix)

Yes we all know the stories, the rumours, and the potential of an electronic alias. The Burial loving cult fanbase has on many occasions put Richard D. James' name to one of London's most important fore founders of what is now a social norm. It's the alias' we know that form a large part of our listening habits, take Destroyer's Scott Morgan, known by night as Loscil. James Blake uses the alias Harmonimix to simply remix. This time it's Mala's "Changes". Mala being one half of the beloved Digital Mystikz, an outfit Blake fondly admires from the upright dubstep and garage influence to the connection between underground DJing and mainstream identification ("Anti-War Dub" / Children of Men.)

Mala dropped his "Changes" Harmonimix remix at 1am this morning, April 13th. He guest hosted BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix, an important and influential format for the late night producers and mid-2000s ousting of dubstep in its original form. We won't go into the soppy storytelling details of individuals who took dubstep one step further, or the bullshit producers that call themselves pioneers. It's about the now, the James Blake's, Mala's and Mount Kimbie's - the ones preserving this once fresh genre. Be it an album or remix, this music lingers on. When a track of importance surfaces, the whole scene stops for several minutes - not to brag or discuss, but to listen. Listen.