Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Track Review: Wild Nothing - A Dancing Shell

Jack Tatum has been a very busy bee in the last few years. After releasing his debut album Gemini in 2010, Tatum and co went about perfecting live performances. Fresh from his rise to melodramatic nostalgia, the recording of last year's Nocturne was nothing but a breeze for the dream pop maniac. Now Wild Nothing returns with another release, this time it's an EP titled Empty Estate, with the first single being an even deeper and imaginative direction out of the hazy dream pop world and towards the clouded nights of electronica.

"A Dancing Shell" is a synthesizer’s best friend. It mixes 70s new wave from Cyndi Lauper to modern day minimalistic electronic music with heavy effects, which goes under the genre chillwave. Yes, this direction Tatum takes is rather confusing after the success of his spellbinding sophomore album last year. He clearly feels indifferent to his audience, however a change-up can cause backlash, but not in this case. "A Dancing Shell" features all the synthesizer riffs imaginable. It reminds me of playing Pacman with the music turned extremely loud. Whatever Tatum has in mind, we will find out when Wild Nothing's EP drops, it's something I’ll look forward to hearing.

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