Friday, 17 May 2013

Discovery: Delta Mainline - Florentine Regime

I've developed many headaches from listening to music in my short tenure on planet Earth, it looks as if I’m about to have another. When My Bloody Valentine released MBV earlier in the year part of me air fisted in celebration and the other part of me said 'fuck, my ears are going to be in so much pain'. That they were, but it was well worth the 22 year wait and the 22 minutes of pain that ensued after the seventh play through. I find myself time and time again hitting the bucket, quite literally, when shoegazing takes over my headphones / speakers / mind. Delta Mainline have nestled their way in into my head, so well done, congratulations you Scottish sons of bitches for giving me the biggest headache since Sunn fucking O))).

I'm not even joking, this music is killing my insides right now. I've gone from Daft Punk's flawed disco attempt to the soothing chillwave of Wild Nothing. Loveless re-mastered isn't as loud as this, what's actually happening here people! Alright, alright, I’m ready. "Florentine Regime" is the eighth track on Delta Mainline's upcoming debut album Oh! Enlightened. The album is a blend of shoegaze, space rock and psychedelic rock in the style of Oasis with far more noise, distortion and layers. There's a charming piano riff that's absolutely pounding down on my ear drums (ouch). This is an impressive track that's both full of noise endurance and Gallagher-esque vocals. Delta Mainline sound like a chaotic version of Primal Scream with all the ability and man power to create blissful music like Spiritualized. The noise level is quite disturbing, however that's exactly how you want it to be - I'm impressed.
~Eddie (with a headache)

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