Friday, 17 May 2013

Discovery: Mike Tyler - Money Grows on Your Knees

Mike Tyler is an American poet known for his East Village/Greenwich Village readings at the infamous Nuyorican Poets Café. An influence on Banksy (yes, the graffiti artist) and Beck, Tyler has since developed a confusing admiration for music. He released his sophomore album Erection last year with a couple of singles that shocked British critics rather than excited them. It seems that even the most sex craved middle aged broadsheet critic respects Tyler's poetry and influence but disregards his... Sex.

"Money Grows on Your Knees" is clearly a song about prostitution, there's a simple message and Tyler expresses this tirelessly in the video seen above. It's somewhat spoken word / pop rock with Tyler's Leonard Cohen-esque gristly aged voice which is just as much blunt and croaky as it is angled to a particular banana loving 60s generation of White Light / White Heat fans. What a mouthful, I know, but Tyler's vocal is intended to reciprocate that of Lou Reed's - who is still considered in the unpopular category of: "Vocalists Who Can't Sing For Shit, but Sound Perfect Anyway." Tyler is under this category for a reason, he can't sing for shit... But his singing voice sounds perfect with the punchy instrumental anyway. This isn't the most exciting, shocking, funny, or shit song I’ve heard today - it's the most unique. Tyler has a distinctive style of reading, for instance when he says: "First profound thing the child says is 'Daddy why did you do that', Daddy profoundly replied, 'I did it so you could be alive'." Let’s leave it at that shall we...

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