Thursday, 16 May 2013

Discovery: Subburbia - I'd Kill Someone For You Tonight

Brazilian alternative / punk rockers Subburbia will be (spoiler) hosting one of our guest birthdays  in June, and they're releasing new material just in time. Fresh from their Lana Del Ray cover of "Blue Jeans", the quartet are back to combine samples and influences to smash sounds and make noise in their usual chaotic fashion. "I'd Kill Someone For You Tonight" starts with a slowed down sample of The Strokes "One Way Trigger" with special alt metal vocalist Mike Patton singing in a dreary effected sample: "And it feels so good, it's like walking on glass," from Faith No More's "Epic".

Bass player Emil Stresser shares vocal duty with guitarist Marina Penny in their typical ferocious blunt style. Underneath the fuzz guitars and psychedelia is a simplistic love song, you wouldn’t think of it based on the drugged up video and visions of guns and flames. There's unintentional lyrics on the vocal refrain that reveals two separate options, 1) the title - I'd kill someone for you tonight, and 2) I killed someone for you tonight. 

Subburbia are crafting a specific sound that can be described as noise rock with sweet rhythms, without the heavy and without the screeching. "I'd Kill Someone For You Tonight" is evoking the storytelling essence of Julian Casablancas' "One Way Trigger".  "I don't wanna be in bed without your loving either," sings Casablancas, this is what Stresser / Penny are singing to each other.

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