Saturday, 4 May 2013

Track Review: Sam Amidon - My Old Friend

Vermont's Sam Amidon has already released several albums independently before signing with Nonesuch records earlier this year. His previous album I See The Sign was a folk delight, released on the cult Icelandic collective known as the Bedroom Community. Collective member and collaborator Ben Frost has been a key instrumental psychic to Amidon who used Frost's bass and desk skills on previous albums. Frost's 2009 sixth album By The Throat remains one of the standout Bedroom Community albums. Amidon's label is titled Bright Sunny South and just may feature some original Amidon tracks. He's renowned for his Appalachian folk renditions, covering both classics and the unknown. Today's track comes from song-writers Craig Wiseman and Steve McEwan.

"My Old Friend" was originally sung by country singer Tim McGraw, a not so stark difference to Amidon's folk output, but a world apart on record. Amidon has the power to turn cheese in to bliss. He completely altered R.Kelly's "Relief" for I See The Sign. "My Old Friend" cuts through the cheese and makes slices of folk goodness. The indie folk / banjo playing man creates soundscapes of awe in a Sufjan Stevens sort of way. "My Old Man" feature a high up capo, creating a soothing and light guitar sound to go with the rapid percussion and quirky vocal fans of Amidon have grown to love. Bright Sunny South will be out later this month.

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