Thursday, 30 May 2013

Track Review: Wild Nothing - Ocean Repeating

Jack Tatum's Wild Nothing has been consistent over the past three years. Earlier in the month, Wild Nothing released Empty State, a challenging dream pop EP that was the 6am awakening of Tatum and co. The lead single "A Dancing Shell" is a splendid bundle of joy ready for mid-day plays. The summer months hit hard and the heat of "A Dancing Shell" certainly fits the bill. This time, "Ocean Repeating" is the track in question. Fans of Wild Nothing will agree of their on-going transformation of Tatum's bedroom solo project of hazy shoegaze / dream pop, to a synth pop / chillwave style of music. We're in need of a cool breeze and Wild Nothing delivers this with "Ocean Repeating".

Tatum crafts a 80s-esque instrumental for his bold vocal on "OceanRepeating". The latter half of the track is filled with vocal cuts and refrains of the chorus: "She's my, big-eyed girl." Wild Nothing have all areas covered with this track. It's not as simple as their sophomore album Nocturne, but it's energetic and makes use of good synthesizers instead of the typical rock-bearing electric guitar riffs. Tatum and co can continue to build a sound that differs from the average synth pop artist. 

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