Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Curating June 4 Is... Subburbia

We'd made this mix with five of our recorded songs. The first one is our new single, a sentimental song, an exorcism song. There's a dark cover of Lana Del Rey, we like her lyrics. The other three are from our ep PENTAGRAMA, which was recorded in 24 hours. The other one's are some influences. Justine Frishman is our godness, we miss her so much in music. White Zombie used to have everything we love in a band. Drake is our Marvin Gaye. Maria Miverva was our "new artist' choice, we listen her records every day. And last but not least is Fernanda abreu our favorite brazilian artist, this song is from 1990. Enjoy. 


Subburbia -  I'd Kill Someone For U Tonight
Elastica - Human
Subburbia - When Trace Was On Fire
White Zombie - Eletric Head (pt 2)
Subburbia - Wrong Riot
Drake - The Real Her
Subburbia - Blue Jeans
Maria Minerva - I Don't Wanna Be Discovered (Will Happiness Find Me)
Subburbua - Can Be Dead
Fernanda Abreu - A Noite

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