Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Curating June 5 Is... S1gns Of L1fe

My name is Chris Bryant also known as S1gns Of L1fe. I'm 35 years old and I live in the town of Los Gatos in the Bay Area in sunny California. I am a guitar teacher by trade but my passion is ambient music. I live and breathe for harmonically rich textures and ethereal sounding pulsing rhythms and soundscapes. I've been interested in ambient music since I was a teenager and dabbled in recording music in some form or another ever since. I'm influenced by so many different artists it's difficult to choose only a few. I really enjoy the music of Massergy, Ambient Sketchbook, Bryan Hilyard, Aphelion, Matthew Barlow, just to name a few. My style is rhythmic ambient, which some may call psybient, but my music is also drone and dark ambient as well. I hope you enjoy the set I've created filled with some of my work as well as some tracks by those who I am influenced by. Cheers.


S1gns Of L1fe - Catalyst (Luftrum Remix)
S1gns Of L1fe - Equilibrium
Ambient Sketchbook - The Best Days
S1gns Of L1fe - Celestial Transmissions
Massergy - Alzate
S1gns Of L1fe - Branches in the Sky
Hilyard - The Orphaned Star
S1gns Of L1fe -  Aphelion
Matthew Barlow - Part 1 (Product)
S1gns Of L1fe - Illumination

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