Sunday, 9 June 2013

Interview: Vök

I have always considered Iceland a hub of new and exciting music. With a population the size of my Kasabian producing city, Iceland has become a country we expect to hear great music. The now popular bands speak of the outmost respect for their fellow Icelandic counterparts. I spoke with string legends Amiina last year, who provide the elegance of Sigur Rós' sounds. That year Amiina recorded with Justin Pierce on Spiritualized Sweet Heart, Sweet Light, one of my favourite albums of 2012. Icelandic artists exist in the many, so each and every one is counted for with the respect they deserve when coming up against the latest American pop hit or British talent show hoax. With just two tracks available on their Soundcloud, Vök seem somewhat mysterious. The electronic duo are a sleeping giant ready to be awaken - I give you Iceland, I give you Vök.

MRD: Where did you get the name Vök and what does it mean?

Vök: The name of the band went under much deliberation and we had many good ideas but no great ones Until Vök. Vök is Icelandic for a hole in the ice. It just fit perfectly.

When did you start recording and performing as Vök?

We started recording and working under the name Vök in February and our first performance was in March (this year).

What is the biggest influence on your music?

There are allot, but to name a few: jai Paul, James Blake and Massive Attack, Alt-J.

"Before" is sung in English, is the English language your preferred language to sing? 

Yes we prefer English but of course we have done a couple songs in our own native language as well, but the main focus is in English.

What's the story behind "Ég bíð þín"?

It can be interpreted in so many ways; it’s about friendship, helping each other, and looking past each other’s flaws.

What is your favourite venue to play?

There is a place here in Iceland called Faktory, where we have played a couple of times and those concerts have always been wonderful.

Have you ever played outside of Iceland?

No we have never played outside Iceland! We will be playing in Marseille on the 20th or 21st of June and we will be at Westerpop in the Netherlands in the end of August.

What do you make of Iceland's rich musical heritage?

It’s very diverse and unique.

What are your goals for Vök?

We haven't gotten that far yet! For now we are just having fun! But we have big dreams.

Do you have any plans to release your debut EP / album?

We are Releasing our upcoming EP in early July go to to stay tuned!

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