Monday, 3 June 2013

Music Review Database's Second Birthday Treat!

We have sweated through album reviews and track reviews for two years on a basic Eddie minimum wage of £0 per hour just to keep the content coming and keep us writers occupied. I saw Belle & Sebastian live in June 2011, prompting me to write about their fantastic sophomore album If You're Feeling Sinister. It was this concert, appreciation of Belle & Sebastian, and music on a whole that made me want to write about what I love. Music Review Database was born in the early hours of June 3, under alcohol consumption and music ringing in my ears. I envisioned a simple music blog that ordered my rambling reviews by score. The 'database' would have been an Excel-esque format, this idea hasn't died.

Music Review Database has been a major priority in my life since June 2011. Our first birthday was of little importance as we were still growing and increasing content, which is why we're using our second birthday as a major event in our two year history. The writing staff grew, with my good friend Jordan taking the helm of electronic releases. Then ambient artist and writer Chris became an interview star who has helped with the flow of content massively. Jordan is an integral part of Music Review Database, this website would be nothing without his input.

Jordan and I have been writing consistently since the early days, though it's not always been as simple as I had imagined. We have had countless writers come and go, views drop, and hate mail from die-hard fans (of mainly modern British rock artists.) The two of us have stuck through the thick of it and intend to wade through the cowpat of criticisms for as long as we need to.

So to thank our long time hard-core readers, we have asked some of our friends and foe to celebrate our birthday with us. Artists from around the world join us over the next seven days from June 3 - June 9 to deliver music, and love. They have created a Soundcloud mix as well as an introduction to who they are, and what music they have picked. These artists have been featured on Music Review Database over the past year.

Enjoy the weeks’ worth of music and I hope you discover something you can latch on to. I'll be keeping a close on the proceedings over the next seven days, so return each day to discover music you may not have heard before. It's been a great two years here at Music Review Database and we want to make the next two years even better. Thank you to readers.

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