Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Discovery: Will Varley

Will Varley is a 26 year old London born singer-songwriter who lives in Deal, Kent. His music takes a comedic and political look at the polite genre of folk. Varley is part of a grassroots promoting music collective called Smugglers Records. The Kent record label sticks together and puts a festival on each year, showing off local talent, most of which makes up the collective. Smugglers Records helped Varley release his debut album Advert Soundtracks in 2011. There's something innately attractive about Varley's music. The comedy side to his music evokes a strange reoccurring laughter, even during serious moments. If you're looking for light-hearted folk music then this isn't your guy. Varley is soft and well read; he's an inspiration to the next generation of folk musicians that lean towards Frank Turner. The politics in his music segues with comedy, such as "I Got This Email" a track from his upcoming sophomore album As The Crow Flies. Varley talks of scam emails in a gullible fashion to get rich quick, using fantastic storytelling which ends with David Cameron following in Varley's footsteps. Take a listen to Varley's latest single "King For A King" and meet me on the other side. 

Taken from his sophomore album, "King For A King" combines Varley's key features - his fantastic lyricism, imagery, and tasteful voice. Varley isn't afraid to write gutter poetry, something that has kept him back from performing at festivals over the years. An artist with passionate lyrics shouldn’t be held back through the means of explicit language, but somehow folk discourages this realistic and pessimistic view of the world. Varley isn't the villain in his music; he's the watching member of public that picks up on the world turned upside down. 

You can find Varley's music on the Smugglers Records YouTube page, or download four tracks for free on his Facebook page. As The Crow Flies will be released in September and if that’s not enough, then you can catch Varley at one of his many gigs.