Saturday, 13 July 2013

Track Review: Babyshambles - Nothing Comes To Nothing

In 2009 we said 'hello', to the brave and beautiful singer-songwriter who had finally settled down from the scrutiny of public perception. Pete Doherty released his solo album Grace / Wastelands to a more than welcoming audience of Sunday newspapers, post-Libertines, and post-post-Libertines fans. Babyshambles split audiences and continue to baffle Doherty lovers and Carl Barat followers. With Barat's own project kicking steadily with Dirty Pretty Things, Doherty was left with the task almost expected of him, fronting his own band with a personal touch rather than the grit and sometimes glamour The Libertines still bring to our ears. 

After releasing two albums, Down In Albion in 2005 and Shotter's Nation in 2007, the band almost disappeared. The former is a spectacular follow-up to Doherty's broken heart fallout from The Libertines and an ode to silly ole' England with the standout track "Albion". Going one step further with Shotter's Nation's singles "Delivery", "Carry On Up The Morning", and "Delivery". Doherty progresses through his musical career with sheer poetic lyricism to match his almost certain lead / rhythm guitar mixtures. It's what made The Libertines so likable, yet the route Doherty is taking the third Babyshambles album Sequel To The Prequel seems somewhat jaded.

"Nothing Comes To Nothing" doesn’t have that key lead guitar riff that sets "Fuck Forever" apart from The Futureheads. Babyshambles modern indie rock in the noughties has become something of a rock and roll. americana mess. Doherty is at the heart on the chorus, groaning and moans as usual, but without the clarity and genius that he usually spouts. This track just waffles on for over three minutes, showcasing little talent we know the four-piece poses. Band members have changed since 2007, but producer Stephen Street has stayed put. This almost sounds like a completely differed Doherty project rather than continuing Babyshambles. Sharp tracks like "Killamangiro" and "Delivery" completely outweigh this mundane comeback single Doherty assures is 'not a comeback'.  

Sequel To The Prequel will be released in September, a good six years since Shotter's Nation. Doherty shouldn’t be surprised to see the britpop/indie rock audience of 2000 - 2008 fail to accept, nor appreciate Babyshambles third album in a decade. Based on "Nothing Comes To Nothing", I’m not exactly excited with this upcoming release. Nowadays Doherty just sounds too noughties for my liking, with Babyshambles sounding too aged, too mediocre and far too ordinary for a 2013 market.