Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Track Review: Crystal Stilts - Star Crawl

New York post-punk rockers Crystal Stilts return with their third album, and a whole bunch of single class to go with it. "Star Crawl" is the second track on their upcoming album Nature Noir. Instead of the lo-fi, noise pop they're usually associated with, "Star Crawl" offers up a different side to Crystal Stilts sound. It's the sound of the 60s mixed in with some obscure George Martin arrangements. Take out the guitars and Crystal Stilts refrain from being a garage rock band. Instead of the dreary vocals and 80s post-punk guitar, Crystal Stilts have designated time and effort in to crafting a neat sound.

"Star Crawl" doesn't suggest a weakened Crystal Stilts. The third album curse won't affect the Stilts because of their long-standing tradition of a copycat 60s/80s sound which even today sounds as fresh and unique as when we hear Jefferson Airplane on the radio. Nature Noir is released via Sacred Bones Records in September.