Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Discovery: Jonathan Whiskerd - Battlescars

Ontsofa has provided some neat young talent over the last couple of years; Anna Broughton's "Cup of Tea" stands out among the stars. Wading through videos finding the best and brightest musicians out there, Jonathan Whiskerd is found. A shining light in a dark world of hate, as his song "Battlescars" points out. The London singer-songwriter released his debut EP Blind Belief back in June. Apart from the full-band titular track, "Battlescars" notes a traditional singer-songwriter creative freedom. Where the Nick Drake meets modern indie folk - The Mumford’s. His Ontsofa session is something special, accompanied by an electric guitar, Whiskerd makes you feel.

"Battlescars" sounds like Seal's neo-soul ca. Space Jam. Combined with the obligatory R.Kelly - "I Believe I Can Fly". Truth be said, the R&B is strong in Whiskerd. It may not be the genre he's going for, but his ballad friendly vocal could shed a tear given the opportunity. Whiskerd sounds remarkably like Will Varley, the up and coming comedic folk artist we covered a few months back. This London grrrr voice has been done before, but it's proven to be successful as Marcus Mumford would happily say. Whiskerd has the voice for R&B / folk, whether he decides to extend his horizons with cross-genres is completely his choice. You can release on EP and completely change direction. Though i'm sure Whiskerd won't be pulling a Braids on us. The instrumental accompaniment works with the song's story - you can hear Whiskerd's emotion more than anything. That's what I like about Ontsofa, that's what I like about passionate young musicians. They have their heart in the music and it makes for a great listen. I Can 100% see Whiskerd releasing a debut album in the coming years, if not months.

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