Sunday, 25 August 2013

Discovery: Polka Dan's Beetbox Band - Just Because, Dummy!

Cape Cod do great crisps, or chips... If you're an American. They also have a polka band, called Polka Dan's Beetbox Band, just what you need on a cloudy, rainy day in August (It's summer for christ's sake.) The polka is an extraordinary genre that many music listeners overlook as a Weird Al kind of thing. It's not all jokes and circular dancing. The genre has its roots, and still continues to be a strong genre, with Poland adopting polka as its national folk music. As it reads on the bands Facebook page: "Dan's family in Poland's beet-growing region has been the village band for generations." Now that's a pretty big thing considering Poland's music is one giant ho-down of Polka.

Polka Dan's Beetbox Band takes the traditional essence of polka and makes it their own. Its fun music for fans of light hearted folk music. The title track from their newest album Just Because, Dummy! give you a feel for what this band can do with a genre, and more. Think Andrew Jackson Jihad, but dressed as clowns. Past material such as the above track "Hosa Dyna", features rings of comedic value. Polka Dan's Beatbox Band won't take over the world, or even Massachusetts. This is music to lighten the mood, nothing more, nothing less. Check out "Just Because, Dummy" below.

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