Thursday, 29 August 2013

Discovery: Zosh Cardo - And Now I'm Ready To Go

There was once a man with a fucked up imagination. He comes from the depths of hell, otherwise known as Cornwall, and gave England its Jack the ripper equivalent in music. Aphex Twin's known for his ambient recordings in the early 90s and IDM in the mid-90s. Back then there was a genre kicking in to popular music. It was foreseen by the dark hip-hop beats of the 80s and the electronica artist’s hellish creations. Trip-hop as we know it today, can be rather relaxing. It amuses me to think people can listen to Portishead while reading a book, or do yoga to Ninja Tune recordings. In reality, trip-hop is the darkest and most obscure sub-genre of electronic music. It takes the drum and bass patterns of breakbeat and combines it with ambient music to shatter the hopes and dreams of the listener. You insert a Beth Gibbons vocal, and the world can be nothing more than a pile of shit on the floor.

Zosh Cardo consists of two members, Kriss Flow and Dan Hale. Together they make trip-hop for fans of Massive Attack, Gojira, and Thievery Corporation. "And Now I'm Ready To Go" takes the sinister imagery set apart by Aphex Twin in the 90s, smashes it with a contagious percussion backing similar to the magnifying Colm Ó Cíosóig of My Bloody Valentine, all in the space of five minutes. The percussion has been delayed purposely to pack the track. Flow's reverberated piano and vocal contribute heavily to the gothic themes on  "And Now I'm Ready To Go". There's a sense of disbelief with negative connotations throughout this track. It's the soundtrack to falling down a flight of stairs - and Aphex Twin is pushing.