Thursday, 29 August 2013

Track Review: Frankie Rose - Street of Dreams

Modern new wave releases have a shrill of intrigue about them. The reverberated guitar has been a long standing tradition in new wave, put together with digital age technology and advanced synthesizers - you get the music of Frankie Rose. She released her sophomore album Interstellar last year after being a member of Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and the Vivian Girls for numerous years. Interstellar is 32 minutes long, boasting the best of 2012s new wave / electronica. I placed Interstellar at 16 on my 2012 end of year list, that’s a feat in itself. Since seeing Rose live at Tramlines last year (a sublime performance), she's signed with Fat Possum and announced the release of her third album Herein Wild. She premiered the pre-release single "Sorrow" a couple of months back and now it's time for the jaw-dropping follow-up that makes Herein Wild one of the most anticipated fall albums.

Realising her true talent lies within the soundscapes of ethereal new wave, Rose set out to create a kaleidoscope-esque sophomore album with Interstellar. By combining the sweet harmonies of new wave and the extricated gutting sounds of post-punk, Interstellar fulfilled all hopes of an undisputed underrated gem. Fat Possum and Rose are hoping for a more auspicious reception with Herein Wild, as the track "Street of Dreams" suggests. Using the simplistic drum machine and eerie guitar riff, "Street of Dreams" becomes more and more sinister as it progresses. Rose's layered vocal fits the sluggish Bauhaus mood perfectly. It ends with two minutes of Jean Michel Jarre ambience. The dark, mysterious delay sets off this demonic atmosphere. Possibly a link to the next track, or just the devotee to "Street of Dreams", either way, both sections are fascinating.

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