Thursday, 29 August 2013

Track Review: Paul McCartney - New

The Beach Boys returned with a stunning single titled "That's Why God Made The Radio" on last year’s album of the same name. Rear-guard musicians have been releasing new music, for old fans - Bowie, Dylan, Cohen, and now McCartney. He's been touring non-stop since, as far as I can remember actually. Releasing studio albums from time to time, but none as significant as his post-Beatles days with Wings. It was a James Bond theme, then a Scottish icon. McCartney's career has seen him through the highs and lows of rock / pop. On his sixteenth studio album, McCartney aims for a gentleman’s touch.

"New" is the title track from McCartney's latest album to be released this October. Produced by Mark Ronson and Paul Epworth, McCartney's original material takes a trip down memory lane. The digital piano, reoccurring throughout "New" sounds almost identical to "Fixing A Hole". The harpsichord can be a magical instrument when used efficiently. McCartney's use of the harpsichord in this particular track plays a direct pun to its title - "New". The 'new' sound of McCartney, as he would suggest, is actually the sound of 60s surf and pop rock. The doo-wop styled vocal is also implemented on "New". You can hear the vast use of instruments to create a Beach Boys-esque sound. It's McCartney performing like Brian Wilson.

There are no gimmicks with McCartney, its straight forward rock music for a generation of chart hoarders. It's an impressive comeback song that doesn’t dig deep, but makes for an easy afternoon listen. McCartney accidentally pays homage to the BBC Radio 2 jingle at 2:28. This segment catches me off-guard because it sounds like the track is coming to a close, then a jingle kicks in. The 60s veterans are steadily improving their abilities to adjust to a 2013 audience, even if they're playing the songs of the past, their old firm fans and new kids on the block are sure to enjoy whatever music they produce. McCartney's new music still stands effortless and lucid as it did 50 years ago.


  1. I think the song is alright. But it sounds like a demo. It feels like the song is lacking a bridge to a new section, like it wants to take you somewhere else but it never does. It's like a plane taxiing down the runway at a high speed but it never takes off.

    1. Agreed, It has 'track one' written all over it.