Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Discovery: Crashing Colors - Sad, Sad Song

Houston based quartet Crashing Colors are re-locating to London this year - I wonder how long it will take them to change their name to Crashing Colours. They formed back in February, and have since released their self-titled EP in June. Crashing Colors play to a wide audience with their open genre descriptions. Labelling Crashing Colours a specific genre is like only drinking Pepsi. There's beatboxing, post-rock, free form jazz, alternative rock, funk, hell, anything you want to apply, apply it. Part of me feels Crashing Colors are too drawn up in the world of music that they're unable to cater for a specific perceived scene or genre grouping. Without this, they may find it difficult to advance musicians because it's rare when upcoming artists create genres by themselves. Fusions are great, and if I was to last.fm tag Crashing Colors, it would be a fusion of funk and alternative rock.

Crashing Colors have certainly readied a future career with their self-titled EP. It takes a lot of creative expression to release something as individualistic and unique as this. "Sad, Sad Song" is the standout track, featuring all the best aspects of Crashing Colors sound. It opens with a funky bass riff and a similarly funky rhythm guitar. If you cut this up, loop it and added some deep bass, you've got yourself a killer hip-hop instrumental. Crashing Colors have the instrumentation covered, with ease. The vocals are equally as perfected with the duet of Romina von Mohr and Kevin Robert Meinhardt (he also wrote the song.) It's an interesting mix of funk rhythms and beatboxing by percussionist Dash Spear. Crashing Colors rightfully have an EP in which to sell and gain vital experience, with interesting tracks like "Sad, Sad Song" and "Cold Night". This fusion of sounds is always welcome in the UK. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with next.


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