Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Track Review: M.I.A. - Come Walk With Me

M.I.A. is one of Britain’s more experienced artists. She knows how to release an album and my god does she release them well. Over her three album career, we've heard Rocky horns on "Bucky Done Gun" from Arular, The Clash's "Straight To Hell" on the glorious hit "Paper Planes that made Kala one of 2007s best albums, and then we heard Suicide's "Ghost Rider". The sample of "Ghost Rider" turned a page in the M.I.A. discography. She went from being a Bangladeshi artist to an electronic wizard - quite literally. She was never a hip-hop artist, maybe at heart, but her real genre focus was in electronics, when she released Maya in 2010 we thought she finally found her feet on the ground,  but we were so wrong. Maya wasn't the electronic album "Born Free" built it up to be. Two years on and M.I.A dropped evidence of a popular re-birth - "Bad Girls". Its one of the best pop songs of 2012, if we're actually calling it straight up pop music.


She dropped "Come Walk With Me" last year with a chaotic dance video. Interscope pushed her fourth album Matangi back, forcing M.I.A. to act on releasing snippets, "Come Walk With Me" had a short 30 second snippet released last week. Fans of M.I.A. stood in confusion as the music was completely different to the track she leaked out last year. I'm completely opposite... This first insight (after "Bad Girls" last year) in to M.I.A's fourth album is as interesting as her choice of producers. Diplo and Rusko are no more, thankfully. Maya was flawed ever since the day Rusko and Diplo were announced as producers. M.I.A. is making sure her fourth album doesn’t flop by ensuring singles galore. "Come Walk With Me" isn't your conventional pop single, though it begins with the four basic chords that pretty much start every pop song. It progresses in to this facade of electronic samples such as the Mac volume noise, a guy saying: "Almost there." Avant-garde? Not at all. The beats here are reminiscent of her Roland Arular days. Cutting up noises to make glitch-hop with thought out vocals. "Come Walk With Me" is pop music in its experimental stage.

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