Monday, 14 October 2013

Discovery: Demons of Ruby Mae - Gold

Folk is the sound of the local lavish music scene, where the independent working man and his grasp on society becomes more than just a 9 - 5. Inspiration can be found in the depths of love, the oppression of austere, or just The Sound of Silence - for Leicester based Demons of Ruby Mae, it comes from the heart and soul. Performing on Dean Jackson's The Beat earlier in the year, Demons of Ruby Mae outlined a thesis of courage and power through the art of acoustic guitars, pianos, ragged lyrics, and a romantic potent voice. Demons of Ruby Mae released their debut EP Heliacal in January, with the intention of releasing a single titled "Beneath The Surface" before the year ends.

"Gold" is a reach out B-side, for fans of soulful singer-songwriters. Demons of Ruby Mae are a duo more interested in Joni Mitchell's Blue than Tom Odell's Long Way Home. They're utilising their core qualities, such as the elegant piano composition, and the distinctive minimal reverberated electric guitar. It's all amassed by the undeniable skill of Jonny Gavin and his vocal cords. There's more to it than a couple of dudes with a pen and a few instruments. Gavin sings from deep, and when it all comes together like the half way mark on "Gold”, well, the effects on the listener are profound. 

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