Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Discovery: Streaming Lights - Atractivo

Streaming Lights are a charismatic electro-rock trio originating from Humberside, Yorkshire. They play a somewhat unconventional sound instead of playing along to the habitual genre of electro-rock's past. It's an interesting choice of direction, one which has compared the trio to the work of Hot Chip and Cansei de Ser Sexy, without Hot Chip's deep bass dance vibes, and CSS' sensual rhythm work. Streaming Lights are like Hot Chip if they were to play a pub - bringing together the sounds of both electronic, rave, and indie rock. They have also formed their own genre, which they like to call ana-lectro - intriguing.

"Atractivo" is the band's second single, after "Shake It Up" which was released with an EP of the same title back in February. Streaming Lights have a good idea about the genre they're re-creating, and certainly know their target audience. They even created a video / wrote a song intended for eBay, which was largely an internet success. In the age of social media, this exposure is exactly what a band like Streaming Lights need. It's easy to see why eBay backed Streaming Lights, because their composition "Do The Math" is the ideal funky, dance, retro song you would expect to hear while browsing those exclusive 70s synth pop records on eBay.

With "Atractivo", Streaming Lights dissect the general electro rock genre. They throw out the rule book, and write down on keyboards exactly what they want to be, what they want to sound like, and how they intend on sounding that way. Streaming Lights have been gathering support and acclaim from a number of sources, including the great talent / PR scouting network of BBC Introducing. With their ability to create interesting electronic compositions, with legitimate lyrics, Streaming Lights can progress in to a whole new popular audience. They will have options available to them if the BBC keeps sniffing around, and when it comes to signing a contract, or opting not to go down that route; Streaming Lights will be ready. They're not quite the finished product yet, but with "Atractivo", they move one step closer to their goals, and to their upcoming album.

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