Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Anna Broughton - A Million Others

Anna Broughton goes by the artist name Anna B, but for a matter of continuation from our February Discovery feature on her, we'll stick to the roughton for this. Well she's back, with another song to tickle her listeners; which is becoming something of an unknown population. Broughton has no Soundcloud, no Bandcamp, no fan page on Facebook; her music is entirely personal and it seems Broughton is playing for herself more than for others and recognition. This is something we advise her to change. Having the above elements doesn't just make you a recording artists, it gives you a platform in which to express your creations and artistry through music. She's recorded with Bruce Welch OBE of The Shadows, who added guitar and vocals to one of her 2012 recordings. The stage has been set up for Broughton to step up to, whether she does or not depends entirely on her desire to make it, or keep her music close to her heart.

"A Million Others" is a demo put up on Broughton's YouTube page, the one platform for her soon-to-be-expanding audience. She has a distinctive flow, almost hip-hop-esque as one of her music influences Ed Sheeran would agree. Her chorus' is like a sweet flowing rap, just like the chorus for "Cup of Tea" she recorded with On T Sofa. She sings: "We're all just cracks in the pavement," reminiscing the lyrics from "Cup of Tea", where Broughton sang: "all the cracks in the plaster," she's very much making her choice of words evident in "A Million Others", an intentional inclusion. And "A Million Others" has a deeper cognition with its lyrical themes. Broughton sings: "Poisoning he lungs of the younger ones, take a look at what you've done," referring to the city of London and its massive population and growing pollution levels. She's still high up in the mind, and is still writing interesting songs. To make her seem even more star-like, "Cup of Tea" would 100% guaranteed by a number one single if Ed Sheeran had wrote / sang it, that's the type of potential we're dealing with here in Broughton.
~Eddie Gibson

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