Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Annie Dressner - Don't Feel The Same

Annie Dressner is an American born, Cambridge based singer-songwriter who has already released a debut album in 2011, and an EP earlier in 2013 - ran through a pledge campaign. Dressner has been on the radar for quite some time. She played the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2012, and has since toured the UK on separate legs, being support for some big names on the singer-songwriter magic mystery bus, like Charlotte Carpenter, and Lucy Wainwright Roche. She's back with another single titled "Don't Feel The Same", to complete her solo 2013, to set up her new project as the Pollyanna Band.

"Don't Feel The Same" is a bright return to form for Dressner, after parts of her East Twenties EP lacked in depth somewhat. She sings with a personal edge, a touch only successful and mastered only by the best songwriters: "Secrets told under the stars - they've all fallen down." Dressner has a specific way of delivering her lyrics, and through her vocal comes a stream of genres such as slowcore and sadcore, that you would associate with the 80s / 90s dream pop artists rather than a modern singer-songwriter / folk musician such as Dressner. But her lyrics, matched with the slow tempo of delivery - work. The listener hangs on every stanza, allowing Dressner to communicate with her audience better than most. "Don't Feel The Same" is an example of how slowing down can speed you up. The chorus, and structure that follow are unlike the Dressner recordings of the past. There's a much happier vibe, with a sort of dance-esque percussion. You can't unhear the distinctive backing vocals, which are passed by on the first listen. Good stuff from Dressner, with the best still to come.
~Eddie Gibson

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