Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Crywank - Memento Mori

Crywank is a constant mainstay in our Discovery hub of artists. Until his Facebook likes surpass 5,000 and labels / other artists recognise his talent, it's up to us to push his music. There's a level Crywank is at, then there's a level Crywank should be at... Our intention has always been to give him a good nudge to surpass his expected level of success and recognition. Crywank is of course (if you're a regular reader here) the pseudonym of James Clayton, an intellectual singer-songwriter from Manchester. His early songs were written in his dorm room at the University of Salford, overlooking River Irwell. A break-up inspired his music, and has been the heart and soul of Clayton's broken heart and soul since writing the two chord classic Crywank track "Welcome to Castle Irwell". Two albums and several tours down the line, Clayton is set to release his third album with percussion accompaniment for the first time.

"Memento Mori" was first ousted as a demo recording on a promotional compilation for Clayton's January tour. This compilation featured several new Crywank songs and some developments of older recordings. One of these new songs was the fabulous "Notches", which we covered back in January. "Memento Mori" is a Latin saying for 'remember that you will die', the realisation of an inevitable death. Clayton's typical depressing themes of loss, anger, and death are all shown throughout "Memento Mori". His use of percussion adds to the tension and it brings in a second perspective to his sound. The recurring refrain is one of Clayton's best: "Oh I want to be a baby again, oh I want to forget." Expect more coverage of Crywank's work till he reaches his full potential.
~Eddie Gibson