Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: The Deep Red Sky - Kids

Scottish indie pop; that’s more of a phrase than the beginning of a sentence. The most influential indie pop group happens to be Scottish - Belle & Sebastian, who still release great music since their 90s takeover. It's the same country, the same city in fact, where The Deep Red Sky takes their primary influences from. Not just the indie pop ages of the late 80s to mid-90s, but the post-rock aesthetics and alternative rock which Glasgow was massively apart of in these decades. None other than Glasgow's Mogwai, who are a clear influence on The Deep Red Sky's sound. Even though The Deep Red Sky are from Edinburgh, they still take plenty of influences and history, from their countries biggest city.

"Kids" is the quintet's latest release single, a cover of MGMT's renowned hit from their debut album Oracular Spectacular. As seen with the video, it's become part of The Deep Red Sky's live set, something MGMT fail to complete themselves. MGMT are famously frigid when it comes to play "Kids" live, so they usually just play it as a backing track and dance and sing along to it. The Deep Red Sky takes the child-like pop sensibilities of MGMT, and turns it in to something more sinister. With The Deep Red Sky's cover, they're not easing the listener in to nostalgia, or searching for their inner child - The Deep Red Sky are turning people away from that, showing the deeper, more angelic themes of "Kids", with the use of tempo and a cracking final third. This is an MGMT post-rock cover, and yeah, this stands strong.
~Eddie Gibson

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