Sunday, 10 November 2013

Discovery: Demons of Ruby Mae - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Leicester's Demons of Ruby Mae released their new single "Beneath The Surface" this week, but we're taking a look back at the duos journey. It's a tricky situation for Demons of Ruby Mae to be in, they have all this talent and prowess built up inside them, but without a dream catcher, to take their music in to the minds of the listener. When listening to "Gold", the B-side to "Beneath The Surface" last month, something incoherent kicked me in the heart. Demons of Ruby Mae play to a sophisticated audience, where the club music of simpleland doesn't exist and the devil resides in everything and everyone - with only music as the Excalibur in which to defeat the devilish beings.

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" was played live for Dean Jackson's The Beat earlier in 2013. His reaction, and the facial expressions of members Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley indicated something more than just a mood. Demons of Ruby Mae have this soft rock / folk sound, which is both pop related and somewhat jazz fused in the style of Joni Mitchell. Gavin has an extremely powerful voice, one of the best voices in unchartered music in fact - definitely a vocalist to look out for in the future. Together the duo down-home on music, and it's themes with a soft touch - the sound of angels at night. "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is the duo's best track, and just by the four and a half minute recording, the listener understands Gavin, they understand the lyrics, the diaphragm being put revved up, and the minds of listeners beginning to turn. They say - 'hold on a minute', and that’s it, Demons of Ruby Mae, soon to be chartered territory by BBC Introducing - you can hold my to it.
~Eddie Gibson

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