Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Franklin Zoo - My Dying Day

Franklin Zoo are a Danish quintet who play a blend of alternative rock circa 1990 and grunge... circa... Seattle. They draw inspiration from the obvious few from Seattle, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains. With the latter being Franklin Zoo's biggest influence. The quintet's sound is rather dated because of this influence, something which needs to be surpassed in order to fully understand and be entertained by the Danish rockers. Vocalist Rasmus Revsbech is compared to Chris Cornell, and that's no surprise - it’s there for all to hear. 

"My Dying Day" is one of Franklin Zoo's standout tracks. It's a powerful, grunge, dirty track which finds itself on Franklin Zoo's debut album UNTAMED, released by Sex Beat Records earlier in the year. Franklin Zoo's structure is very much like the Alice In Chains / Pearl Jam hybrid of structures - soaring guitar, great chorus' and even better production. There's an essence of fear introduced, the style most likened to alternative metal, and hard rock for fans of Download Festival. Danes can sure make some noise, as Iceage proved with their second album this year - Franklin Zoo are creating ripples in Denmark's sound-garden-waves.
~Eddie Gibson

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