Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Garry Bean - Northern Town

Garry Bean is an experienced Yorkshire singer-songwriter. He's already established himself as part of Young Believers, a folk rock quintet, which we covered in October of 2012. Bean knows his way around Yorkshire, and has supported many acts from the Mystery Jets to Bill Ryder-Jones. He's coming to us with a debut EP, titled Aren't Our Lives Happening Right Now? A compilation of tightly record tracks, featuring Bean's own interpretation, and stripped back version of Young Believers penned single "Fear Walks With You".


"Northern Town" is the opening track on Aren't Our Lives Happening Right Now? It's a soulful, mournful track, not diminishing the northern division, but praising it as home. There's no out of place instrumentation, or sudden jump in structure. Bean simply, quietly, sings over a refreshing acoustic instrumental, speaking very highly of his geographical location - linking it to human interaction and love, like a relationship with his northern town. Brilliant imagery, with a beautiful cold feeling, suiting the autumn weather.
~Eddie Gibson

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