Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Jack Little - Epitaph EP

It seems as though more and more acoustic musicians are emerging into the limelight in recent times. And thank fuck for that, nothing with sampled 90s tracks with some guy rapping bullshit over it or something with heavily distorted guitars with wank electronic music seizuring everywhere. Jack Little gives stuff like that a little sit down to become fresh again and comes up with Epitaph. The “Intro” song starts straight away, vocals immediately going into the mix, but I was expecting something more instrumental, but it flows nicely into the next song halfway through. “Break The Boards” nicely changes the calm mood into a more upbeat tempo. With instruments nicely wrapped into the mix, ukuleles and pianos playing a beautiful part in keeping the nice mood solid. Jack's strong accent in his singing voice fits the music nicely, a gentle sound acting like strawberry jam on toast (I like jam.)

The third song, “End of the world” sounds like a gentle Fall Out Boy song, I don't even know how this was an immediate connection, but when the chorus plays his voice just popped the comparison in my head. It's not a bad comparison as instrumentally it's gentle and upbeat, like the previous song. Things start to nicely slow down now with the song “Deserted” which is lyrically nice, the slow tempo slowly joined with a steady drum beat which some people might like, but I wasn't that fond of it. When the song picks up more the drums seem more suitable, but sadly the drums are a little too quiet. Approaching the final song starts and flows with a smooth and enjoyable vibe, “Snowflakes” is beautifully done. Lyrically it's great, musically it's my favourite song on this, a nice ballad feel to  it that keeps that upbeat tempo which has carried this EP through. All together this EP has a very gentle feel that is soft yet happy musically, making sure it's not too whiny or plain, I hope to hear more from Jack Little, Epitaph is a great listen for a calm night in. 
~Matthew Clewley

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