Sunday, 10 November 2013

Discovery: Mazes - Hayfever Wristband

Mazes are releasing an EP titled Better Ghosts through Fat Cat Records this month, it's the first sign of a post-sophomore album blues; since Ores and Minerals was released last February. Following on from this math rock / krautrock style, Mazes go on to deliver even more repetitious recordings. They're one of London's most prominent krautrock makers, who associate with noise pop / rock. A Thousand Heyes introduced a completely different Mazes than what we hear today. They originally started as a power trio with a need for distortion and effects, this has since changed. They're less calm, less tuned in to fuzz, but more determined to create songs with distinct clarity. 

Some may have thought I was being harsh to Mazes in my Ores and Minerals review back in February. It was given a modest 5.6, which is an accurate representation of their follow-up. Since February, Ores and Minerals hasn't resurfaced on my music library, but I returned to pass judgement as they release "Heyfever Wristband". Most of it still sounds average on the ears, with a few charmers, but mostly all lacking an ingredient of effect. It's something Mazes will need to figure out; otherwise "Hayfever Wristband" and their upcoming EP Better Ghosts will be dismantled in a similar fashion. 

If anything, Mazes are taking their music a step in the right direction with "Hayfever Wristband". They haven’t' returned to distortion and layers of fuzz, it's still clear guitars and kraut accompanying percussion like their Italian Beach Babes label mates VISION FORTUNE. Having seen Mazes live and followed them since the early days, I'm sure they have a lot of life left in them.
~Eddie Gibson

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