Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Shooting Stansfield - Sign of the Times

Edinburgh’s four piece folk band Shooting Stansfield should be on your radar - If they’re not, get them on it right away. Shooting Stanfield is led by vocalist Stewart Douglas, whose vocals is reminiscent of Tom Smith out of the Editors, or Ryan Adams – but perhaps with a James Taylor pop sensibility, and of course Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit. The group themselves flourish well with their sound, which overall comes off as somewhere between a raspier-rock group like Stereophonics, and something purely country or folk like O’Death or Night Beds, both of which have rose to great popularity this year, so pretty good company to be in for sure. It is especially good to be making true folk music in an era with lots of falseness in the air and the industry in terms of authenticity in folk music. The real thing just sounds that much better because of it. 

Their production is extremely impressive for an up and coming band, an almost veteran clarity to most of the tune on “Blue Turns Black” which is really significant. Production is so often given no credit in the world of folk music, with lots of lo-fi acts making out like bandits with their poorly tuned instruments and cheap recording equipment. It works for some – not for others. Shooting Stansfield is one of the latter and they seem aware of it, backing themselves up with slick and extremely serious production that enhances their sounds and make them sound like they could be coming straight form a producer with as prolific as T. Bone Burnett. Shooting Stansfield’s debut EP is called We Know Not What We Do and its available here.
~Johnny Hoel

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