Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Signals. - Constructions

Signals. are an unsigned four piece indie /math rock band from Southampton / Isle of Wight. The band have been making waves after the release of their first EP Square Wheels in 2012, having performed at Bestival two years running, with their 2013 return being a well-deserved main stage slot. The track "Constructions" comes from their stunning latest EP Facial Furniture, released 11th August 2013. 

Signals. are not afraid to experiment and push boundaries. One of the first standout aspects on this track (and the EP as a whole), is just how big the sound is, from a four piece. It has been created with an outstanding use of musicianship, brilliant use of time signatures, and spatial awareness produced with attention to dynamics.


"Constructions" strikes you from the start with a unison piano / guitar riff, with a few cheeky bars of 5/4 & 7/4, which sticks in your head long after listening. The next thing to hit you is the amazing lead vocals from Ellie Price, accompanied by impeccable harmonies by guitarist Mikey Webber and Bassist Alex Vanblaere, which give you no choice, but to sing along, and appreciate the amount of musical talent the band owns. The intricate piano parts and guitar riffs are accompanied by a solid back-bone of bass guitar and flawless drumming by Ryan Beachy. This track is so enjoyable to focus in on each individual part, and you can really appreciate how the band have made this song come together in one spotless piece of musical art. You can tell from the first note struck that Signals. have really spent time on this EP, and you can feel their passion for the music shine through in the recording.   

For me, it's the incomparable three-part vocal harmony, and the attention to detail that really makes Signals. a stand out band above many indie bands out there at the moment. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for! I fully recommend checking out / buying the whole Facial Furniture EP, as each track is just as amazing as the last!
 ~Nile Barrow of By The Rivers

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