Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Subburbia - MaLIFE

Subburbia are our resident Brazilian house band, and they're returning with a new mixtape titled LUV EXORCISM released nearer to the end of 2013. They've found a new love for electronic music, as their past suggested with their energetic cover of New Order's "Blue Monday". They've made a friend in Labanna Babalon, a  YouTube sensation and performer both as a dancer and as a musician. It's very much a vibe as to why Subburbia have collaborated with Babalon, as guitarist Marina Penny tells us: "She's a dope princess - we like her so much, and think this track has the chaotic devil's feeling that blends very well with all dope crazy ideas from Labanna."

Together, Subburbia and Babalon are two peas in a pod. As with all the YouTube 'follow me' sensations, there’s always questions raised, and usually answers given. Subburbia have drafted Babalon in not just for her ideas, but for her vision which is shared by the four suburban musicians. "MaLIFE" is unlike anything Subburbia have done in the past. To start with, it's not neo-psychadelia or at all punk, leaving those roots behind, stored away to be re-opened once again. This track is straight out of the 90s with the synthesizer riff and the assertive bass beat which is common in Babalon's own recordings. Subburbia continue to surprise, be it an electronic / hip-hop styled track, or a punk rock / neo-psychedelia track - Subburbia still work with what they've got, and the audience they have; loves it.
~Eddie Gibson

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