Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery: Vinyl Floor - A Random Kind of Delight

Vinyl Floor are a Danish trio, playing folk rock in the vein of Fleet Foxes and Treetop Flyers. The three piece consist of guitarist / vocalist Thomas Pedersen, guitarist / pianist Rasmus Bruun, and percussionist Daniel Pedersen. It's not often we find new music from Denmark, so it's an occasion to be celebrated. Their single cover (above), looks like a still from Roald Dahl's BFG, and their sound isn't too far off the fairy tale imagery either. Playing light-hearted folk music can either be the death, or life of musicians, and Vinyl Floor intend to follow their hearts any direction they desire. And in 2012, the Recording Academy put Vinyl Floor on the official ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards - take that. They didn't get a nomination, though it shows the bands passion and drive for success.

There’s no denying Vinyl Floor's ability to perform. Their live experience shows a subtle 50s / 60s traditional folk inspiration, but it's their recordings that put them high up on Denmark's most recent music exports. "A Random Kind of Delight" is a fabulous four and a half minute song, which could pass as a US country hit on radio stations. The percussion enters at the right time, and Bruun's piano alike. The main criticism I could give to Vinyl Floor is their vocals. When combing to create an atmospheric melody, the trio fail to match-up, and the outcome is rather blatant. The production on these vocals works in the first half of the track, but not in the latter end; so because of this Vinyl Floor's vocals sound somewhat of a mess. It doesn’t affect the overall feel of the track, nor the great structure, but it does sound obviously different. Still, the Danish trio have work to be done, as they continue to express folk emotions through their sound.
~Eddie Gibson

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