Sunday, 10 November 2013

Discovery: VISION FORTUNE - Nite Driver

011100100110111101100011011010110000110100001010 - I feel that writing about VISION FORTUNE in binary is as good / or even better than writing about them in English. The London trio are menacing behind a microphone, anyone who dare step into a VISION FORTUNE gig is expected to be blow away by the lighting, the sound, and the sheer 'WTF?' aspect of their experimental ways. They have a debut album under their belt, which the average listener would never be able to find as the track listing is numeric and the album title is called Mas Fiestas con el Grupo. They have unprecedented potential, and are backed by Italian Beach Babes, who regard VISION FORTUNE as one of their most adventurous artists - though that’s not saying much with the growing obscure tendencies of the IBB associates. It makes for an intriguing listen, even to the pop soft-core fan.

"Nite Driver" is taken from VISION FORTUNE's latest release, titled Titanic Part II: The Legend Goes On...(2000). It's softer than their debut EP, which featured abrasive material, long drones, and distinctive Suicide-esque synthesizers. "Drag", a perfectly titled track from this Night Jukes EP, defined VISION FORTUNE's sound - a twister of the Millennium Falcon being sucked in by Darth Vader's first death star, and a stand-off between Clint Eastwood and his Mexican opposite. "Nite Driver" is different from these early recordings, same goes for the entire duration of Titanic Part II: The Legend Goes On...(2000). There's far less noise on "Nite Driver", it sounds like a jazz backdrop to a moving shot of cars in New York City. They take lessons from Can's Soundtracks, using krautrock structure and repetition to mask the outstanding synthesizer loops and shy vocals. 
~Eddie Gibson

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