Saturday, 9 November 2013

Feature Stage: OnT' Sofa

This image really suits the ethos of OnT' Sofa, and all the history that goes with the name; not forgetting the future. Based in London and Leeds, OnT' Sofa are revolutionising the way in which performers are seen and visualised through the internet - primarily YouTube. The big pull factor of OnT' Sofa is the no dub, no sub editing; a D.I.Y 'what you see is what you get' format. They're not in the business to crash promising singer-songwriters, they're doing what they do because that is what they love - they're most certainly standing up for real music, and as you can see with their YouTube channel, they're discovering real music to.

OnT' Sofa is a growing music video channel run by a team of five creative sparks, with two core founding members - Ben Davis and Jason Odle, backed up by photographer Tom Bentley. The trio are oozing with ideas and content, expressed through YouTube typically on a daily basis. They take submissions (which, if you're an aspiring artist, I fully back and encourage you to submit,) and have studios in two locations, listed above. They're essentially a team of technical talent scouts, finding great artists to record, and show to the world just what they're missing. They stick their middle finger up at talentless-hacks, and clap their hands at the young and fresh musicians who walk through their doors, with a smile on their face and a world of potential in their instrument. Be it voice, guitar, piano, OnT' Sofa cover it - and cover it well. We picked artists associated with OnT' Sofa for the Discovery Weekender because throughout our existence, there's always been a feature, a look, a listen to what OnT' Sofa do, and to pay them back for their heroic service to music, what better way than having us showcase their work.
~Eddie Gibson

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