Sunday, 10 November 2013

Interview: Demons of Ruby Mae

Leicester's music scene is finally coming alive! By The Rivers changed the course of the our independent music in 2010, six years after Kasabian put the city most known for Gary Lineker and Red Leicester cheese on the music map. I sent a few questions to one of Leicester's exciting new artists - Demons of Ruby Mae, ahead of their single launch at The Y Theatre. Read on to find out their inspirations, the meaning behind the name, and how the Leicester music scene fairs today.
~Eddie Gibson

Music Review Database: Why the name Demons of Ruby Mae? 

Adam: I guess Ruby Mae can be whoever you want or feel it should be. We write music in the hope that it connects with people for a number of reasons. In a way Ruby Mae is a product, or an imaginative figure.

When did you start writing songs? 
Jonny: We started writing songs towards the end of the last band we were in. We wanted to move away from the genre of music we were used to playing and took enjoyment from taking this different direction. We've both had songs and ideas since we were young that we have now had the opportunity to explore.

Can you name some of your inspirations both as a person, and as a recording artist? 
Adam: I have a lot of inspirations, some you can hear through our music, some you can't. I'm a huge fan of Nick Cave, and recently I think you can hear this in our music. I think sometimes inspiration comes from places where you don't even think you've taken it. It doesn't have to be a musician, it can be anything that's made you stop and think.

What is it about the softer, angelic types music that made you want to be part of it? 
Jonny: From my perspective, it gives me the chance to show the range of my voice in the songs. Playing in previous bands it's felt like a battle sometimes to be heard. I think it gives me more freedom to when experimenting. We've understood that a lot of the time, less can be more. 

Where is your favourite place to play? 
Jonny: We tend to limit the shows we play in a year and try to make each show unique and special. Of course we love playing in Leicester as we are playing in front of people who have been following us from the start. 

Adam: For me, I love Manchester. I think the crowd here are fantastic. They just love music!

What do you make of current music scene in Leicester?
Adam: I think the Leicester music scene is not what it was. The bands are still coming through though, better than ever I’d say. Just look at By The Rivers as an example. New venues which are replacing old just don't have the same persona as previous. The Charlotte's demise is still a big problem I think in Leicester. Saying this, Simon Says and Handmade Festival were brilliant this year. Simon Says reminded me of Summer Sundae in its first few years. 

Can you tell me the meaning behind "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?"

Adam: The Boy Who Cried Wolf is about someone who wishes you the world but only when they can enjoy it with you. It's a personal song too for this reason but I think everyone will know someone similar to this, or have crossed paths previously. 

Do you have any plans for the future?

Jonny: Plans, we have lots of plans! The single "Beneath The Surface" is released on November 11th and we will be pushing this hard over the next couple of months. We're already planning some pretty special things lined up for 2014, we can give away too much yet but you'll be the first to know.

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