Thursday, 7 November 2013

Preview: Discovery Weekender 2013

I wake up from a deep sleep and whisper to myself: "That's it, that's what we're going to do next..." Festivals come in all shapes and sizes. Some are enormous, to which I couldn’t possibly attend because of clashes and time wasting. Some are small, for families, for fun, and for complete control over what you'll be attending. Some are truly unique, like one day festivals such as the 4Knots festival, or city takeover festivals like with SXSW in Austin and Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik. 

Discovery Weekender doesn't fit in to any of these categories - it's no ordinary music festival. It's as much of a celebration as Glastonbury's Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, and as distinctive in appearance as ATP: Band Name Goes Here. Forget the music festival norm for one minute. Take the wellies out of the boot, don't bother filling her up with petrol, or making that last minute trip to the supermarket for alcohol and biscuits. The effort to attend Discovery Weekender is the click of one button, and perhaps a few seconds of fluttering your fingers. It takes place at a venue which is shared by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, - the internet.

For two days, Music Review Database will be taken over by Discovery Weekender 2013 - November 9th - 10th. There's no alcohol searches, no need for a frustrating bracelet, no designated smoking areas, no annoying festivalgoers who just have to be 6ft 5 and stand at the front. But there's also no live music, and no physical memory of a stage. 

Let your imagination run wild with us, as we take you on an adventure. You don't need training, it's a free ride on a shuttle to space, where we explore the stars and make discoveries along the way. There will be interviews with some of the artists we come in contact with, and perspectives from live shows attended in the past few years. Discovery Weekender is located right here on Music Review Database (if you didn’t work that out already.) It's the first of its kind, and truly blends the instinct of discovering new music, and reading about music that hasn't yet erupted. There will be three stages over both days, an MRD Introducing Stage, an Explorer Stage, and a guest stage - which isn't curated, but powered by names; OnT' Sofa for Saturday, and Italian Beach Babes Records for Sunday. 

We have a range of guest contributors providing written work over the weekend. Nile Barrow, lead vocalist and guitarist for By The Rivers will be discovering, along with Music Review Database friends Ross Jones, MonMcCool, and Chris Doherty-Ingram of fellow music website Hear-Feel. Joined by our team of contributors to explore the depths of the undiscovered, and the unknown. 

Entry is free here at, so use that freeness to explore in depth with us, over 30 artists from November 9th - 10th. It won't be much of a surprise if we told you who are being featured now would it? So you'll have to wait for our upcoming poster to find out who we'll be covering. This is the home of honest opinion, and for two days... Words will speak louder than actions. Join us and discover something new this November! 
~Eddie Gibson

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