Saturday, 2 November 2013

Track Review: Warpaint - Love Is To Die

Ahhh, the refreshing sound of the Californian quartet known as Warpaint, it's been a while. They released The Fool in 2010, and before that, an exquisite EP titled Exquisite Corpse. Both are works of talent, but both have their flaws. The Fool, for its tiresome production and energy, or thereof; Exquisite Corpse, lightly for its missing elements of production quality. Still, Exquisite Corpse makes my all-time favourite debut EP's list. They return after a three year leave of absence with a self-titled sophomore album. They couldn't include a self-titled track, as they used that gimmick up on The Fool, but Warpaint does come with a typically unusual track list ("CC", "Biggy", "Hi",) backed by a new single titled "Love Is To Die".


Warpaint have always been an alternative rock quartet with dream pop at the heart of their recordings. This new sound is reminiscent of 80s post-punk, more so the female fronted magnum opus of Kaleidoscope by Siouxsie & The Banshees. They have a brilliant team behind them, with producer Flood, mixer Nigel Godrich, and label Rough Trade. Warpaint are one of the few all-female bands showing potential beyond the obvious. Their song-writing on The Fool is fantastic, and the structures on Exquisite Corpse were and still are noticed. "Love Is To Die" seems to lack the Warpaint we once knew, but they haven’t left just yet. It's very much a bass / drum hybrid track, with focus on these instruments particularly Stella Mozgawa's percussion. The guitars are in anything too quiet, and non-existent in the most part. Flowing harmonies make up for the lack of electric, with ambient atmosphere like with the quartet's debut album The Fool. "Love Is To Die" is an interesting development of Warpaint's sound, but it will need to be heavier, and guitar oriented if it’s to pass the test - I can't see Warpaint being a successful album if it's a reverse Dylan.
~Eddie Gibson

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