Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Discovery: Sealings - Animal Man

Brighton based duo Sealings are assigned to the fabulous noise rock / fuzz / psychedelia London based record label Italian Beach Babes - this alone calls for you to check out their music, as you never know if it will be crazy krautrock, or elegant shoegaze. Liam Burbridge and Michael Cotter head the project which takes its sound from noise, punk, industrial, and shoegaze. Sealings is pretty much a hybrid of these genres with a bit of metal thrown in to the mix for some extreme creations.

"Animal Man" is taken from Sealings' self-titled EP released last October, with five more gut wrenching songs coming together to create dark and partially scary lo-fi recording. Sealings are like a raw version of Brooklyn's finest repetitive post-punk outfit Crystal Stilts, but with a greater focus on structure and completing a song before fade outs ensue. There's no easy way to put it, "Animal Man" forces its way through, and leaves with a scar on your ears. It's the epitome of a hard-hitting two minute punk track with a whole lot more going on than some front-man raging. The drum machine adds a separate wing to Sealings sound, but it's the raw guitars and follow-up layers that leave listeners of Sealings, silent.
~Eddie Gibson

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