Friday, 24 January 2014

Starbomb - Starbomb

YouTube has become a main source of entertainment of pretty much anything you can imagine. I would go through why, but that's too much effort and mostly irrelevant. My YouTube searches go under topics such as music, hilarious animations, and videos of animals being retarded - this album features segments of my YouTube interests. One of those is Ninja Sex Party, a comedy synth pop duo who sing (mainly) about sex and other random stuff. The other is Egoraptor, an online flash animator that reviews games and also makes brilliant videos. They joined forces for the Ninja Sex Party song “Dinosaur Laser Fight”. 

A while after that, when fellow YouTuber JonTron left the successful play through series called Game Grumps and was replaced by Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party, they have become a unit. During the new(ish) line up, there have been references to Starbomb in a few of their videos, and then a few promos came out, making the music project official. Starbomb basically take the silly sex joke theme, and mashes it together with the video game that Egoraptor and Game Grumps have played. Starbomb's introduction basically explains what I just said above, and also confirms that what they are doing isn't breaching copyright, quite epically, and attributing Nintendo.  

The first track on Starbomb is called “I Choose You To Die” which, if you're a Nintendo fan, you would immediately notice is a Pokémon reference. This track is so darn catchy, a song (or album) not for those who are easily offended by foul language, but it references the game rather nicely - the plot behind the song is quite funny. The next track is “Luigi's Ballad”, anyone with a brain would know it's a song about the Super Mario series - this track is the highlight of Starbomb. It starts calmly and is surprisingly sweet, Luigi (Danny) trying to tell Princess Peach (sang by Rachel Bloom) that he likes her, and hilariously Mario (Egoraptor a.k.a Arin Hanson) butts in with sexual innuendos relating to Mario related stuff.  

Arin surprisingly has an awesome rapping voice which I never really expected, he sounds so god damn solid (you should watch the music video too.) “It'sDangerous to go Alone” is a The Legend of Zelda themed track, with the chorus being pretty cool… and then another track relating to penises follows. The sound of the track is very chilled out, and is the odd one of the bunch - but in a good way, like the happy guinea pig out of the other squealing stupid ones (I'm tired, don't ask) in a litter.  

Mega Martial Problems” is another sex themed track, this time relating to Mega Man. The track is about Mega Man's ignorance in the bedroom as she isn't satisfied. Dr Wily is now a good guy helping Mega Man out with why his penis doesn't do the job. Here comes a rap battle, related to Street Fighter, which is one main highlight of this album. Ryu vs. Ken is awesome, the bias obviously being on Ryu as Ken acts like a bitch. Most Street Fighter fans will always go for Ryu, and the hadouken move is nicely reference.  

Crasher-Vania” is about Castlevania - the Dracula voice was done brilliantly on this track, it's the most guitar orientated one on the album. Then there’s “The Book of Nook”, which screams out The Lonely Island, but the Animal Crossing themed track is great lyrically. “Sonic's Best Pal” starts off brilliantly cheesy, and is full of some epic metal synth music with pleasant harmonies. Tails (Egoraptor) raps over the frustration of being... Tails.  

Metroid is the next game referenced and sang about in “Regretoid”, and pretty humours the fact a lot of people always mistake Samus Aran for a guy and how there is a heavy lack of female protagonists in video games. The next track is attributing Kirby by relating him to sexual acts, a disturbing image especially when I played the games when I was younger. However, it's quite funny and Egoraptor is once again rapping like a boss.  

The last track on Starbomb is based in a video game... rehab centre that references other games, which I thought was a funny idea. Overall, Starbomb is hilarious, the immature sex related humour might not be to everyone’s tastes, but with the video game references and Arin's rapping, I think it's comedy gold. It is sadly a very short album, with a duration that is just under half an hour. The tracks are quite short as well, perhaps as they are rapped and sung as conversations between gaming characters, though I really wanted the tracks to be a little longer.  

However, Starbomb's outro gives people excitement that there is a lot more up their sleeves, which is a highly anticipating outlook towards their next album. The downside is the duration of the album, this debut seems like a tester album to see if anyone will like it, and it has sold very successfully so far. Certain tracks seem too short, but I still enjoyed them. It’s not suited for everyone’s taste; they're like Steel Panther of the nerd music world, which I think is enjoyable, but mature people won’t like it. It's also nice that video gaming related bands like Starbomb are getting commercial attention, and they deserve it too.   
~Matthew Clewley