Monday, 27 January 2014

Track Review: The Rifles - You Win Some

English mod-rock artist The Rifles released "You Win Some" today (January 27). This will be the second single taken from their fourth studio album None The Wisen. On first listen, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was creatd by a veteran folk rock artist. This is certainly a huge change in sound for an outfit whose biggest influences include acts like The Jam, Oasis, and The Beatles. The tracks uplifting nature gives a real feel good vibe and also demonstrates an artist with experience through real maturity in lyrics. This is The Rifles showing their more beautiful side, and giving the listener a real sense of hope, pride, and optimism.

As much as this is a change in sound, there is still a strong melody present throughout, something which has earned The Rifles praise from their hero Paul Weller in recent years. They are a band that knows their fan base, so they’ll be forgiven for not producing the most original or ground-breaking music. But what The Rifles do, they do well, and releases like "You Win Some" will  add a welcome change in pace to their live set, that features the traditional mod, indie-pop styled anthems that they have become synonymous with .
~Matt Gamble


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