Sunday, 2 February 2014

Discovery: Little Matador - Liar Liar

Little Matador are one of many predominantly Scottish / irish based supergroups to surface after The Reindeer Section came along in the early 00s. Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody kick started the project which spanned several bands across many Scottish cities, along with some Irish cities too. Then there's The Burns Unit, a politically charged folk group led by King Creosote. Both were uniquely brilliant, but also lacked a certain supergroup edge for being more of a collective than a typical supergroup in the way Cream were. 

It's actually Lightbody's right hand man Nathan Connolly who fronts Little Matador, which consists of Dave Magee (LaFaro), Gavin Fox (Idlewild), Binzer Brennan (The Frames / BellX1), Troy Stewart (The Windsor Player), and of course Connolly (Snow Patrol).


"Liar Liar" starts and... well, shock ensues. You wouldn’t expect this level of noise from Snow Patrol, Idlewild, BellX1, LaFaro (well you would...), The Frames, or The Windsor Player. My point being that Little Matador is their escapism from their usual norm, to create something of value that they can all enjoy, love, and would happily return to during stints in other bands. This is punk rock, but in the style of The Ramones rather than say The Clash. It has melodic elements, but it's the distorted fast paced guitars which grab "Liar Liar" and Little Matador by the balls and really grab them hard. 

They've already supported Nine Inch Nails at one of their festival appearances in Ireland, opening up a whole range of opportunities for Little Matador. It's a little bit more than a side project for these five, it seems like fate, destiny, luck, all these BS terms which mean absolutely nothing unless hard work and talent is put in to practise. "Liar Liar" is the accumulation of skilled musicians, and their taste for punk rock / noise rock / the heavier side of alternative rock, and I can't wait for the debut album.
~Eddie Gibson

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