Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Interview: Delamere

From L - R: Matt, James, Ash, Richard, and Will.

I stood freezing cold with a sore throat atop of Staffordshire's finest music venue - The Sugarmill, delegating interview privalegs to young Matthew Clewley, who asked one of Stoke's brighests bands a range of questions ranging from their name, sound, and future.
~Eddie Gibson w/ Matthew Clewley's improv skills

Music Review Database: Where did the name Delamere come from?

Delamere: It's a phonetically pleasing sound, It was one we least objected to - we have a lot of names.

What names did you have?

It’s not even worth remembering, they were just hideous.

Any ones that are funny?

Colour Colour (laughs)

What started you writing songs together as a group?

We've all been in bands before, so it’s sort of a collective love of music. 

What kind of bands influence your sound?

Local Natives, Foals, The Maccabees, Oceansize, Everything Everything.

Is there one you would agree on that would be your favourite?

Yeah - Local Natives, or Foals.

Are you excited to sign to a record label?

Yeah (lots of yeahs)

What's the record label?

Scruff of the Neck Records, it's a Manchester label. It sort of came in at the end of the year, we won The Road to Blissfield’s here (at The Sugarmill,) then played at that in the summer. And then we played at The Academy 3 with them (in Manchester) and had a talk about it there.

We've just recorded a single (Do You Want Me?), which we're releasing in March, at Parr Street studios in Liverpool.

Where did the song, "Do You Want Me?" come from?

It came from nothing; it started out just as a jam on bass, that's the main hook. Then the melody for the chorus and the words came after - it's not really about anything, you can take what you want from it - ambiguous.

How does it differ to "Vampire" and your previous recordings?

We've changed a lot - with "Vampire" it's pretty steady, compared to this (Do You Want Me?).

How and where did you record "Vampire", you said you recorded it yourself?

In a garage, it was the first one we recorded. It was recoded over a period of a few months.

What else do you have planned?

We have a single launch party at The Deaf Institute in Manchester (March 8). After that we've spoke about recording an EP with the label (Scruff of the Neck), and maybe going to Parr Street again for that.

(Brief interruption by music)

Are you excited to play (Independent Venue Week) tonight?

Yeah, it's something I (Will Mason) personally feel really passionate about. I'm currently working with a couple of individuals from Stoke to try and improve audience attendance around the area, because it's really hard for bands to try and get people, unless you've got... 

(Interrupted by Alt-J - "Breezeblocks") UNLESS YOU'VE GOT (presumed - the support / infrastructure in place.)

Thanks to the four lads of Delamere, you can check out their music here, and buy tickets to their single launch in Manchester here.

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