Monday, 3 February 2014

Track Review: Wasabi Bytes - Deep Inside

This is a review of a genre that I normally wouldn't write about, but I've been itching to - house music has finally come to my door. Grahame Wasabi of Australia has his project nicely named Wasabi Bytes, who have a recent single in the name of “Deep Inside”. The five minute long song starts off with a nice bassline, calm sounding string synths, and a decent percussion beat.

As the track progresses, it’s only the synth strings doing things different, along with the delayed noises. The choir synth sounds are a little too cheesy for my liking, but the song remains in a decent groove. “Deep Inside” goes quieter with the choir sounds again - I'm not a fan of that to be honest. The beat and bassline return to sound pretty fucking slick, and after the 4:20 mark, the bassline goes briefly, returns for a little while, then it finishes with a soft chord. “Deep Inside” is a decent track to chill out too besides the cringe worthy choir synth sounds. It's a calm house track, something that would sound like ideal background music at a gym, or something that involves casual listening while doing other activities.
~Matthew Clewley

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