Monday, 17 March 2014

Discovery: Deathbells - Money Making Sequel

Coming across bands that I've never heard of is always an awesome thing to do. A lot of unsigned or small bands barely get any attention because of the label that is given to them. When these guys popped up in my email inbox, I have to admit, I’d never even heard of them. They're called Deathbells, hailing from the mighty land of Glasgow in Scotland. They are influenced by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and seem to have a concentrated focus of post punk.

Deathbells have a free track available from Soundcloud called “Money Making Sequel”. It starts off with a chugging yet groovy bassline - it feels like it should be played in a western film. The guitar adds a nice swing feel to it, and the vocalist does give off Josh Homme vibes. It’s pretty catchy and produced rather nicely with the guitar and bass seemingly duelling for attention which is pretty cool. The synth sounds are creeping in the background like some psychopathic killer in a teen slasher film – it's all a good atmosphere. Sadly, the song isn't long enough - which the only thing I could pick at. But that doesn't stop “Money Making Sequel” from being a decent track.
~Matthew Clewley

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