Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Discovery: Eject Pilot Eject - If You're Listening

If you're in to your 80s rock music, then look no further than Eject Pilot Eject. Well, of course you'll have your favourite 80s artists in the more general sense of rock - Queen, Quiet Riot, and maybe Guns 'n' Roses. But if you ever need a break from your more traditional artists of the blazing 80s, then you're most likely looking for a nostalgic sentiment for the zeitgeist. Eject Pilot Eject may not be the most musically diverse artist out there, but they certainly have the heart and history to take them beyond a level of nostalgia.

Nostalgia is powerful, and it gives Eject Pilot Eject that extra edge over start-ups. Everyone loves looking back, especially on the music which has directed so many lifestyles. If an artist shares that love, then you as the listener will want to share it with them. While Eject Pilot Eject re-creates the sound of their influences, an audience is turning up looking and locking in to this nostalgic ride through the 80s with what is essentially a South Wales quartet. "If You're Listening" is stocked full of Americanisms, from the vocals to the guitar solo - you just know what sound and audience their going for. They have plenty of potential, and there’s no doubting the quartet's technical and lyrical ability - but there comes a time when an artist has to look towards the future rather than the past. Though Eject Pilot Eject are the type of musicians who don't need to look forward, because their audience will always be looking back.
~Eddie Gibson


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