Monday, 3 March 2014

Discovery: Lion Bark - Longhorns

Forget about what you knew about indie pop/rock. The genre which is being reinvented by artists all across the world has come under scrutiny for not being edgy enough - when electronics have taken over what was a guitar dominating British sound. Brighton's newest quartet Lion Bark are wise to this, and bridge the gap from the electronic side of rock music, to the more gritty and damning side you expect to find at a pub in Camden. They're part of the ever growing Brighton music scene which has ousted Fear of Men, Esben & The Witch, and Novella in the last few years.

"Longhorns" is taken from Lion Bark's upcoming debut EP (TBA). It's bares a resemblance to their first release "Two Prongs" which surfaced late last year. Where "Two Prongs" excelled in easy listening surf rock, "Longhorns" excels even further in that field. Lion Bark are a relaxing quartet, you don't expect them to rock out with distortion, and "Longhorns" is a testimony to that. It brings back memories of the early 00s, when britpop was dying and alternative rock still seemed to have a chance, or even a place in a record collection before being titled under some vivid subgenre. "Longhorns", like Lion Bark as an artist, is like a Stereophonics / Wild Beasts hybrid, incredibly British, but even more accessible. I expect there's more to come from this exciting seaside outfit, and it shall be a grower.
~Eddie Gibson

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